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Sew L.A. is on Best of Yelp Los Angeles! We are listed as #2 under "Shopping". Many, many thanks to all you great students & customers who write such lovely reviews!


hello blog!

It has been so busy here that I have been neglecting my poor blog for some time! Hard at work, though, and as soon as I can breathe I have some great pictures to post of projects I have been working on both for myself and for the shop. Yay sewing! I have been obsessed lately with Japanese sewing books - there is a bookstore in downtown Los Angeles that has a huge selection. And just today I found this site, which shows it's not just me who is bowled over by the superior design and cute clothes!


I have already (modified) and made a blouse from one of my books, and plan on doing a little tutorial on how to trace off the patterns and add the seam allowances.

The very biggest news is that we are days away from opening our online fabric store and have been working around the clock to get as much stuff as we can up before we go live. We have so much fabric, so many patterns, and so many tools! Taking all the pictures takes forever...

Very much looking forward to hanging out tomorrow with Hollye from Hello Cozy for some sewing action and quite possibly Japanese Bookstore action!

Fall Update!

We are so excited to announce that we have found a great space for our warehouse, and will be spending the month of October filling it up with amazing fabric to sell to the world! Look for our next post soon with our online fabric website (plus an incredible sale section) run by and for people who actually sew. Whoopee!


Fall Classes

We are in full swing testing out patterns for our new fall classes! Here's one that I'm excited about:

and from the back:

A beginner Vintage Apron, super-cute! I chose our "Lizzy Dish" fabric with little black percolators on it that reminds me of my grandma's wallpaper. This is a great class to get started with using bias tape - most vintage apron patterns use it so it's a good skill to have!

Rebecca also made a more manly version of the crib sized quilt for the Quilt Making Basics class, and it's gorgeous:

This class will definitely be repeated in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled! The new schedule will be up on the website in just a few weeks...

Crazy Summer!

Well, I wish I could go to the Renegade Craft Fair that is today and tomorrow downtown at the California Market Center, but alas... I'm teaching people how to sew! Which is a good thing. Our intrepid Daniel braved the crowds today and helped out at the Swap-o-Rama-Rama - I hope everyone had a great time and got to customize their fantastic new re-purposed clothing to their heart's content!

We just finished up our first week of Kids Sewing Camp, and boy, am I proud of our kids. Great listening and paying attention, straight seams and hems, excellent cutting! You guys all did such a fantastic job, and everyone was so fast! Here's a peek at what some of our young talents were working on, first the 8 - 10 year olds then the 11 - 13 year olds:

follow this cutCollapse )


lots of projects...

We have started making samples for the late summer/early fall classes, so it's been busy here! I swear I intended to sew all day today, but somehow it got to be 5pm before I could even think about it. One thing I did get to was the sample for a fold-up fabric grocery bag - I made this one out of the organic cotton/bamboo so it's super strong! This will be a class for the fall, learning french seams and working with self-fabric bias tape:

and folded up:

Rebecca brought in the Quilt Making Basics sample today and it is GORGEOUS! The colors pop right off the quilt. I'm so excited for this class!

Lots more work to do! The Button Down Shirt is moving right along, the Button Dress at least cut out, notes being taken and supply lists written down... and then there's the fantasy dirndl that I've been wanting to sew for myself. I even have the coolest embroidered ribbon! Someday...


handsew class & new fabric

We had a ton of folks call after the Handsewing class that is scheduled for this Saturday sold out - if any of you all would indeed like to take that class we have had two spaces open up! Just call the shop tomorrow (Friday May 8th) and reserve your space. First come, first served!

I just drove out to Alexander Henry this afternoon to pick up some of the new fabric that is trickling in - we now have these lovely home dec weight cottons in stock:

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check it out...

Eeek! We are featured in today's Daily Candy for Los Angeles!



some stuff for me!

I have had a little time here and there to work on some new clothes, which is lovely. I'm trying to take pictures as I go along, but sometimes I just get too caught up in the making of it to stop & get the camera. So in love with the handkerchief linen and the chambray we just got in! The linen washes up so beautifully - I have pulled off enough of the peacock blue to make a pair of summer bloomers and a Party Dress for myself. We'll see how long it takes! Here's a Kwik Sew pattern that I just finished up - I made a medium but next time I think I'll do a small on top and a med. on the bottom - it felt to big and kept slipping off my shoulders. Like I tell students - don't get to invested the first time you make it!

I also made a gored skirt (the fitted skirt class pattern, view c) out of my absolute favorite, the linen/cotton japanese "tiger on flower" fabric:

Today I finished a pair of summer pajama pants - black silk/cotton but just below the knee! To wear under all the Tunic Tops I have yet to make...

Work-wise, I'm starting to block out the Button Down Shirt class - I picked out an emerald/black chambray for the women's shirt and a black pimatex for the men's, which I might use gray thread with for a bit of detail. Soon I'll be able to work on the Decades of Style Button Dress class! Don't know what fabric yet but I sure as shootin' have already picked out my buttons.

I am very much looking forward to a small break next week - Josh and I are going to take a few days off to camp at Joshua Tree National Park. We could both use a little down time. Hooray!

We are in a book!

I'm really exited! Sarah was looking through one of the books we got in yesterday and noticed that we are listed as a stitch lounge in one of them! I had no idea, and it's really thrilling. Plus, it's an awesome book!

We are listed on page 31. Whoopee!