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shaerie raulli mead
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This is the blog for my sewing classroom and shop, Sew L.A., and also a journal for my personal sewing projects and the occasional opinionated movie review.

Sew L.A. is located at 1637 1/2 Silver Lake Boulevard in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, and it is here that I teach a huge variety of garment-making classes. There are a few other teachers: Rebecca, Alicia & Hollye - and we can accommodate beginning to advanced students from the age of 8 and up. It has been incredibly rewarding so far to be expanding the sewing community here in Los Angeles! You can see the insane amount of classes here:

Sew LA calendar

Folks can also come to Sew L.A. to play in the Sewlab - our cozy stitch lounge where you can hang out, drink some tea and work on projects. It's great if you have a tiny apartment, no space to cut, or just like to have some company!

Occasionally I will post projects that I am working on. Lovely Creature Corsetry was the name of my tiny corsetmaking business - you can see many pictures if you look in my journal under the "eye candy" tag. I'm so busy teaching these days that I don't have much time for corsetry! But I'd be more than happy to teach you how to make your own...

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